The Revolutionary Poultice Anti-Foul Removal System

Peelaway Marine removes anti-fouling and most other paints & varnishes.
An Environmentally Safer system which helps to contain removed
anti foul & paint with no dangerous fumes or airborne toxic particles.
Suitable for most hull types including GRP, wood, steel and concrete.

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HAEMONY - 36 ft Moody Halberdier built in 1980 undergoing complete restoration in Baltic Wharf Boatyard Totnes. Estimates 14 layers of old Anti-foul in patchy peaks & troughs/craters.  Jamie said “ I tried caustic stripper which was ineffective as it took a layer at a time and I got burned by dry scrapings despite full PPE. Peelaway Marine takes the agony out of doing it by hand”  OWNER: JAMIE BARDOLF-SMITH FROM RATTERY, DEVON    

Peelaway Marine

SOBEK - A 34 foot racing yacht with badly worn Anti-foul needing replacement. Peelaway Marine was used with precise timing to strip back to the primer layer in just 6 hours. Owner Richard Hunn said "I’m really pleased with Peelaway Marine and I can see the benefits commercially".  OWNER: RICHARD HUNN OF DEVON BOATWORKS      

Peelaway Marine

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